Standard shipping times per country

We're manufacturing each mask especially for you, so kindly allow us 3 working days to manufacture, before handling them over to the courier service.

Standard shipping cost for the European Union countries is 8.5 EUR, and if the order value is above 50 EUR then shipping is free.

Flag Country Estimated delivery time
Germany 5 days
Hungary 3 days
Austria 6 days
Poland 5 days
France 3 days
Belgium 6 days
Spain 6 days
Luxembourg 6 days
Denmark 7 days
Czech Republic 4 days
Slovakia 4 days
Croatia 5 days
Estonia 6 days
Finland 7 days
Ireland 7 days
Latvia 6 days
Lithuania 6 days
Netherlands 6 days
Portugal 6 days
Slovenia 5 days
Sweden 7 days
Italy 7 days
Bulgaria 4 days
Greece 6 days

MaskDepot® is doing its best in packaging each mask individually in a sealed plastic bag, with the entire order packaged in a cardboard box. However since the delivery flow is outside of the control area, MaskDepot® is not responsible for the quality of delivery.