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Fashionable, reusable, 3-layer protective community face covering CWA 17553:2020 with melt blown micro-filter.
Available in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL perfectly fitting all faces from children to large adults.
This MaskDepot product has 99% filtering efficiency for particles as small as 3 microns according to independent EN ISO 16890-2(2016) Filter Efficiency test report.
Proudly Designed and Manufactured in European Union.

How do I adjust the ear straps for perfect fit?

When adjusting your ear straps, look for a comfortable feeling, and the strap does not put pressure on your ears. Always only pull one cord from the silicone buckle, this will make the wire slide smoothly into the buckle. When pulling the top cord, the ear loop will point down, and when pulling the bottom cord, the ear loop will go up.

how to adjust maskdepot ear loops for perfect fit

Product Care

  • Hand wash at 40 degrees Celsius
  • Horizontal drying
  • Do not squeeze as it might affect the filtering layer
  • Do not use cleaning chemicals
  • Do not dry clean

Specs and Filtration

MaskDepot® community face coverings are the elegant and safer alternative to standard single-use masks.


Efficient filtering system – ensured by the Melt Blown polypropylene layer, placed in between the cotton and polyester layer. Filters particles such as dust, pollen, mold and other bacteria. This layer is not a just a patch placed in front of your nose and mouth, it has the same shape and size as the mask and ensures filtration throughout the entire mask surface.

The filtering material (polypropylene Melt Blown) has a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency higher than 99%, certified by an independent test lab. Read further details about our products' certification here.

Reusable up to 30 times

Save up to 85% when replacing single-use masks, while drastically reducing waste. You can safely re-use MaskDepot® masks 30 times, without losing its filtering capabilities.

Independent lab test results have shown that MaskDepot® masks are keeping their exceptional filtration abilities after 5 washes at 60 degrees Celsius. Read further details about our products' certification here.

Proudly made in the European Union

Made in Europe – means made by us. We combine the expertise and resources of top European experts so you can be 100% sure that we encourage local production.

No fog on glasses

Our masks' nose clip ensures fog-free glasses by perfectly matching your face profile and not allowing exhaled air to reach your glasses.We included a medical-grade metallic nose band so now you can enjoy wearing your glasses without constantly adjusting them.

Certified hypoallergenic materials

Premium quality fabrics are carefully selected to satisfy even the most pretentious. We tested dozens of fabrics and selected the best cotton certified by OEKO-Tex as face-contact layer (1st layer). Now even children can enjoy wearing a protection mask. The exterior layer and the colors used for printing are also OEKO-Tex certified for not containing harmful substances.

Perfect fit on every face

Inhale 100% filtered air ! The innovative nose clip guarantees that air does not enter from mask sides. Every breathe will “inflate” and “deflate” the mask, ensuring an accurate filtration.

Silicone stopper ensuring ear comfort

... means happy ears! Straps tension can be easily adjusted, so now you can wear the mask for up to 10 hours. Moreover, you can aesthetically position the strap loop downwards or straight, by pulling the top or bottom cord.

Unique, just like you

Cover your face with a mask that’s worthy of your uniqueness. Select from our wide range of pixel-perfect products, made by print-wear experts.


  • In order to use this community face covering correctly, it is important that you follow these instructions.
  • If you are ill, this community face covering is unsuitable. Seek advice from your doctor.
  • This community face covering is not a medical device within the meaning of Directive 93/42/CEE or Regulation EU/2017/745 (surgical masks) nor is it personal protective equipment in the sense of Regulation EU/2016/425 (respiratory protective devices).
  • Always check that the community face covering is correctly fitted and covers your nose, mouth and chin. It is recommended that this community face covering be worn on bare skin; beards can reduce the filtration efficiency to below the limits set out.
  • Community face coverings are not suitable for children under 3 years of age. It is recommended that children between 3 and 12 years are supervised while wearing the community face covering.
  • A community face covering which hinders the user's ability to breathe when first put on is deemed unsuitable.
  • It can take time to become comfortable with the community face covering.
  • This community face covering does not replace protective measures (regular hand-washing, physical separation, reduced contact with other people). It minimizes the projection of user's respiratory droplets saliva into the environment.
  • Do not use when participating in vigorous physical activity.
  • Stop using this product at the first signs of damage.
  • The community face covering specified as reusable should be washed before the first use.
  • Do not use dry cleaning and fabric softener.
  • Clean the reusable community face covering after each use.

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